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How To Look After Your Beard

St Patrick's Day is coming up and if you have been growing your beard to match the festival then congratulations. Facial hair is something roughly only 25% are unable to grow. Some men can't grow facial hair and some women can grow facial hair. It depends on your family and their genes. If you are able to grow a beard and have taken upon that journey, you may have realized that it's not as easy as it seems to be. Even if you want to maintain and grow your beard you still have to trim it and look after it. If you want some grooming tips to have a good beard growth then you can check out these beard grooming tips and products to use on your hair.

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International Womens Month

International women's history month is is celebrated all over the world during March. Some countries celebrate international women's day 2020 on 8th March, some countries celebrate it all month. International Women's month is here to celebrate women's rights, gender equality, women's empowerment, and the achievements of women. For example Rose Parks is one of the most important women, not only in black history but United States history and has allowed every american women to innovate for change.

The first international women's day was in 1910 in memory of working women within private and public services. It took Russia 3 extra years to start celebrating women's achievements. We believe in the empowerment of women, which is why we've listed our brands that have been founded and built by women alone.

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Meet Mister Wharff

John Wharff is a blogger who started his love of reviewing products in 2014 and since then he has reviewed hundreds of brands and products ranging from skincare products like cleansers to shaving products like razors.

We spoke to John to ask him what products he has enjoy using and what his number 1 skincare tip is.

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day gifts can be incredibly hard to get, anytime you ask your mum what she want's she says nothing, how are you supposed to know what to get her? You got her a photo frame for the last couple of hears so you feel like you should switch it up and you don't have to get a tshirt, jumper or sweet treats because she won't use them. You want a unique mother's day gift but you don't know if it will be too unique. There's endless amounts of questions and it is getting harder to know what to get her. She has many keepsakes and personalized gifts from Christmas, you want something that you know she'll use at least everyday, something bestselling that is different to the normal mothers day gift ideas. You want to pamper her and with products like diffusers, skincare and makeup it's easy to get your mum the perfect mother's day gifts. You can even put them in a gift box so that it looks even fancier.

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Pancake Day - Pancake Health Benefits

Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake day) is celebrated in commonwealth countries and is always the day after Ash Wednesday. In countries such as UK, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated by eating pancakes, in other countries Shrove Tuesday is called Mardi Gras which is the last day of "gorging" before lent begins. Shrove Tuesday is often a reason for many people to enjoy making and eating pancakes. Pancake day may seem like you could only join in if you counted it as a cheat day however we have a few facts about the benefits of eating pancakes.

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