Foltene's story began 1944 with the aim to develop cosmetic products with a pharmaceutical background and strength. Now one of the leading hair loss, hair regrowth and hair care brands discover the range on The Modern Man.

Unfortunately thinning hair is a part of most men's lifestyle especially as we get older but it is now easier than ever before to combat this from the comfort of your own home. Foltene Shampoo for Thinning Hair 200ml fights back before the problem gets worse! This product is recommended to be used if your hair is weak or beginning to thin, if you have already suffered loss of hair you will need a stronger treatment! You can also pair this up with Foltene Revitalising Conditioner 150ml to make sure your new thick head of hair stays strong, hydrated and replenished.

For some using a shampoo or conditioner may not be enough to encourage hair growth. Fear not because also available is the scalp treatment meets hair treatment. Foltene Treatment For Hair And Scalp 12 x 8ml is formulated with active ingredients to boost hair growth, strengthen hair and reduce hair loss. Tricosaccaride to improve natural growth, vitamin complex for strength and scalp wellness and zanthin to neutralise free radicals that can be damaging to your hair and scalp.

Say goodbye to hair loss today!