Men's skincare is evolving it is no longer as simple as a 2 in 1 hair and body wash, now we think about our skin, how to care for it, how to prevent the signs of ageing, sun damage the list goes on. This is where Shakeup comes into the picture, 2 brothers Shane Carnell-Xu and Jake-Xu decided to start up a cosmetic range with a new concept that is specifically formulated for men's skin types and their specific needs. Shakeup Cosmetics are here to change the face of makeup for men, producing a tinted moisturiser, lip gel and an under eye concealer. Shakeup Cosmetics imminent launch is approaching and we are so excited to have them on bored.

Cosmetics brands are beginning to understand the direction in which the men's beauty industry is going in terms of cosmetic products with blemish control creams, lip care and skin concern hiding formulas. Embrace the change and discover the range on The Modern Man!