Beard Balm

Beard Balm

At one point, probably during that scene in the Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf and Saruman are fighting, you’ve thought about growing a massive beard. It’s not an easy task though. Hair gets knotted, and skin get irritated. If you’re really determined though, you're going to need some Beard Balms.

Much like Beard Oils, a beard balm is going to help to nourish the fibres of your beard hair as well as soothe and hydrate the skin they grow out of, for an all round great rejuvenating effect. Unlike Beard Oils, Beard Balms, have a much higher viscosity.

It’s much thicker than oil. This will be down to the use of hair and skin nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax which tend to make the base of these beard balms.

Applying a beard balm to your man whiskers means it will sit on the hair and skin for a longer time before being completely absorbed. This means you’ll get a longer lasting moisturising and nourishing action from the balm. This means softer hair which is easy to manage, which in turn leads to much less irritation.

Here at The Modern Man, we understand the difficulty that can come with growing and maintaining beards that are medium to large in length. That's why we like to stock plenty of beard balms.

You’ll find some of our favourite brands here, Such as Morgans, Bearded Bastard, Uppercut Deluxe, and Fettstube, among plenty of other premium brands. Along with the popular moisturising and hydrating effect you get with a Beard Balm, depending on the particular product you choose to invest in you, you could gain a host off other beardy benefits. From an extra strength conditioning action to gaining a nice Aroma.