Beard Balm

Beard Balm

At some point, probably during that scene in the Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf and Saruman are fighting, you’ve most likely thought about growing a massive beard. It’s not an easy task though - hair gets knotted, and skin get irritated. Beard growth takes time. If you’re really determined, you're going to need some beard balm.

Much like beard oils, a beard balm is going to help to nourish the fibres of your facial hair, as well as soothe and hydrate the skin for an all-round rejuvenating effect. Unlike beard oils, beard balms have a much higher viscosity that act as a beard conditioner. They also provide optimum moisture, a light hold, and prevent flyaways.

Beard balms are much thicker than oil, down to the use of hair and skin-nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, Argan, Tea Tree, jojoba and beeswax, which tend to make up the base of the balm.

Applying a beard balm to your whiskers means it will sit on the hair and skin for a while before being completely absorbed. This means you’ll get longer lasting moisturising and nourishing action from the balm. This also results in easier-to-manage softer hair, which leads to much less irritation and beard ruff that can occur as a result of not caring for your beard in the correct way.

Beard products, whether it be for styling or cleaning, all have a great purpose. We don't just stock beard balms, we have a collection of high quality beard shampoo, beard brushes, conditioner, and beard wash to make your beard grooming routine luxurious and simple. Create the beard look you want easily, and trust in our well-renowned brands such as Closed On Monday, Daimon Barber, Morgan’s, Recipe For Men and Tactical Beard Care.

Here at The Modern Man, we understand the difficulty that can come with growing and maintaining beards that are medium to large in length. That's why we like to stock plenty of beard balms for you to choose from. Depending on the particular product you choose to invest in, you could gain a host off other beardy benefits - from an extra strength conditioning action to gaining a nice Aroma. Scents such as cedarwood and ingredients like almond oil, avocado, argan oil, jojoba oil and other essential oils care for and nourish your beard hair.

Some of our bestselling beard balm products include...

Razor MD Beard Balm Patchouli & Lemon 60g - Specially formulated with a high quality of oils and butters to give your beard the hold it needs. A proprietary combination helps tame your beard, leaving it smooth and soft without appearing greasy.

The Brighton Beard Co. Creampot Tom’s Beard Balm Sandalwood Elemi & Lavender 40ml - A leave-in conditioning treatment with shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish, repair and tame, whilst providing a light hold to help smooth the beard. Helps prevent split ends.

Pomp & Co Beard Balm 60ml - Featuring a creamy and rich texture, this beard balm from Pomp & Co is closer to a moisturiser, meaning it’s particularly great for shorter beard styles. Formulated with moisture-packed wheatgerm oil and aloe vera for great face nutrition.

Dapper Dan Condition & Control Beard Balm 50ml - Made using natural shea butter, containing moisturising properties to help lock in moisture and fight the causes of dryness and beard itch.

Why not check out the wide range of beard balms and other beard care products we have here on The Modern Man? From coarse beards to longer beards to stubble to everything in between, we have the perfect products to help you grow and style that majestic beard you’ve always wanted!