Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Once one of the most sought-after men’s grooming products, men's beard oil's were seemingly banished to the history books by most of the male grooming industry. In recent years, beard oil has been making a comeback. We at The Modern Man could not be happier about this, and have carefully selected some of the best beard oils available to make sure your beard always looks its best.

Beard care is an important part of the skincare routine, and with our selection of products, pampering your facial hair has never been easier. Beard hair is not the same as the hair on your head, so washing or grooming it with regular hair shampoo will not be enough for styling your beard.

While beards tend to be connotated with the rough-and-ready lifestyle that requires little-to-no grooming, the reality is that beards, like every other part of your body, require care and nourishment to look and feel their best. Luckily, here at The Modern Man, we stock products such as beard shampoos and conditioning beard oils. Just check out our full range of beard products.

Making use of natural oils and ingredients, often including the likes of Olive Oil and Argan Oil, jojoba, sandalwood, cedarwood, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, vitamin e and many more essential oils that act as a conditioner, beard oils can help to provide a range of benefits to your beard - like combating dry skin with ingredients such as coconut oil and sweet almond oil. If you suffer from sensitive skin, having a beard can irritate the skin further, causing itchiness and dandruff. It’s important to care for your whiskers in the correct way.

Natural oils will hydrate, moisturise and generally nourish the follicles of the hair, as well as the skin underneath. This will keep your beard soft, tidy, and itch-free to promote hair growth. If you're a man that doesn't like to spend a lot of time getting ready, don't worry, we stock a wide range of fast absorbing beard oils and grooming oils for any occasion and any skin type.

By exploring our beard oil range, you’ll also have to opportunity to bring a little style to your facial hair, as well as an invigorating fragrance that will be equal parts sophisticated as unique - from a mix of indulgent eastern spices to tantalizing citrus blends. Combat beardruff and dryness with our selection of beard oils.

Some of our bestselling beard oil products include...

Proraso Azur Lime Beard Care Tin - Take care of your facial hair with this gift set from Proraso. Brings together three products to cleanse, nourish and condition your beard, all of which are infused with invigorating and uplifting scent.

Edwin Jagger Conditioning Beard Oil Sandalwood 50ml - Bring the best out of your beard with this Sandalwood scented beard oil from Edwin Jagger. Provides luscious conditioning as well as a classic Sandalwood fragrance.

The Brighton Beard Co. Alfriston Beard Oil Bergamot & Rose Geranium 30ml - A wonderfully heady, yet light oil blend that is reminiscent of hazy, summertime nightfall. Hand crafted in small batches, featuring a specially designed blend for quick absorption into the hair and skin.

Anthony Pre Shave and Conditioning Beard Oil 59ml - Protect yourself during your shave, or take your beard to new heights of comfort and style with Anthony. Acting as a beard conditioner, this oil features rosemary, basil oils and vitamin E, making it great for your skin. Suitable for pre shave use or simply to soften and tame your beard. A wonderful addition to your beard grooming kit.

Murdock Beard Oil 50ml - Enriched with plenty of natural oils, including olive, jojoba oil, kernel, patchouli and cedarwood oil, this beard oil works its way deep into the cuticles of your facial hair to directly apply nourishment where it’s needed most. Also contains eucalyptus globulus leaf oil to provide smoothness.

D R Harris Almond Oil 100ml - Improve the health of any dry and tired skin or hair with the D R Harris Almond Beard Oil. Filled to the brim with natural vitamin E which works as an antioxidant on the skin. Works particularly well when applied using a beard brush.

Looking to turn those bristles into a luxuriously long beard? Keep your beard healthy and hydrated with our wide range of beard oils here on The Modern Man.