Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Once one of the most sort after men’s grooming products, mens beard oil's were seemingly banished to the history books by most of the male grooming industry. But recently it's been starting to come back in a big way. And we at The Modern Man could not be happier about this.

While beards are constantly connected with the rough sort of lifestyle that requires little grooming, the reality is that beards, like every other part of your body, need care and nourishment. And like every other part of your body, they need products specifically designed for nourishing them.

Making use of natural oils and ingredients, often including the likes of Olive Oil and Argan Oil, Beard Oils can help to provide a range of benefits to your furry friend that's clinging to your face.

They can make up for any imbalance in sebum oil lots of men experience as their beards get fuller and longer. The natural oils will work hydrate, moisturize and generally nourish the follicles of the hair as well as the skin it is growing out of. This will keep it soft, tidy, are itch-free.

You’ll also gain the ability to bring a little style to your facial hair as well as an invigorating fragrance that will be equal parts sophisticated as unique. From a mix of indulgent eastern spices to tantalizing citrus blends.