Beard Sets

Beard Sets

Taking your first step into the world of Beard grooming can be a bit of a daunting one. But to keep a healthy, strong, attractive beard, it is one we all must take. So here at The Modern Man we’ve tried to make that first step a little easy for those of us who are not quite as seasoned a traveller in the world of male grooming and beard grooming. We have done this by searching to find high quality beard care kit. beard & moustache care is something we are passionate about and you should be too.

Having a beard isn't as wild as it used to be. No one wants a tatty, smelly beard especially when we have made it so easy with our collection products. Walk around with a face full of hair smelling like sandalwood, cedarwood, and other essential oils. It isn't all about the smell. The look, shape and style of your beard is equally important. Whether you are a man with stubble or a long beard we have you covered, whatever skin type and beard maintenance you require. Beard hair isn't as easy as your head hair. It requires moisture and nourishment to avoid getting dandruff and irritated skin. Your routine is not just for your beard but the skin underneath. All of the brands we offer have carefully created their skincare and beard care products with exactly this in mind.

Brands like Captain Fawcett, Dovo, Dr Dittmar, Men Rock and Proraso.

Here you’ll find a range of beard grooming sets, compiled of products each designed to help you keep your moustache looking sublime and your beard at its best. Our beard sets have been carefully selected to suit every man's needs. We have sets includind beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, beard soap or beard shampoo,conditioner, beard brush, beard comb and everything else your beard and styling needs could ever want. Beard grooming kits make the perfect gift sets so scrap the gift cards or a cost effective treat for yourself.

If you're just rocking yourself a simple moustache, why not consider Captain Fawcett’s Lavender Moustache Wax and Folding Moustache Comb set. A small grooming set that will make your tache tidier and keep it that way. Or use it to push the boat out a bit a give it a little-waxed style.

If you’ve invested more time in your facial hair growing habits and have yourself a beard that’s longer than my disdain for Nando’s (a ‘restaurant’ in the UK people love but is actually awful), Dr Dittmar’s Due Brush and Comb Beard set will make keeping it free of knots and tangles easier than getting me to say “Wow, this meal from Nando’s is not at all shit. I'm so glad I spent my money on it.”

Dovo’s Beard and Moustache Grooming Set is the perfect pack for the man who has a beard he’s happy with and wants to keep it exactly as is. Complete with high-quality facial hair and nasal hair scissors, slim-line razor, extra premium blades, brush and comb, you’ll be more than equipped to deal with any hairs that are out of place.

Take a look around and begin your journey into the world of male grooming and beard care and welcome to the beard world.