Beard Tools

Beard grooming and Beard shaping Tools with The Modern Man

If you let your garden grow without cutting the grass and trimming the hedges, it’s going to look pretty awful. Everyone in male grooming knows the same applies to your facial hair. Even if you’re going for a mighty wizards beard that reaches down to your waist, not investing in the right beard tool kit to keep it trim is going to land you in a tangled world of hair-related hurt. We understand that beard care is important for every modern mans needs, so complete your routine and collect a perfect grooming kit, not to mention posess the best beard in town! No matter if you're a man with a goatee, big bushy sideburns or straight edge stubble, we urge you to take care of a good beard with quality grooming products. Why not check out our range of beard trimmers, beard balms and beard oils?

By using the highest quality beard tools you can keep your facial hair looking tidy and free of any flyaway hairs. You can ensure it won’t suffer from any tangling and knots, making it much easier to manage. And most obviously, you can keep it at the exact length you want it, helping you to stop your beard growing to Gandalf levels when you want to keep it at around a Hans Gruber. The beard shapers, beard trimmers, brushes and all beard styling gear you will find here is designed to line up your look, from hairline, to cheekline, to neckline.

Caring for the best beard requires beard care products unique to every man's style. We have grooming tools for everyone, even people with sensitive skin. In our Beard Tools section, you'll find a range of premium Beard grooming-centric brands each supplying a variety of high-quality tools and sets to help you to maintain the look and style of your beard, such as Kent, Captain Fawcett, Proraso, and Wahl.

The Kent 81T Moustache and Beard Comb is a simple but timeless beard shaping tool perfect for styling. Its rounded teeth and ergonomic handle make it perfect for maintaining and styling good beards and moustaches. Kent also provide the Monster Beard Brush, containing a large beechwood oval design of hand blended horse hair for a luxurious result, and no compromise on skincare under the facial hair.

Captain Fawcett’s Beard Brushes are made of wild boar bristles and completed with an elegantly crafted oak handle, ideal for beard care free of tangles. The handcrafted Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush makes maintaining clean and tangle free beards easier than anything. Their Folding Pocket Beard Comb can substitute for a beard grooming kitchen you need to spruce up your tache in the field.

Proraso provide quality beard grooming kits perfect for gift sets, whether for birthdays, Father’s days, or a commitment to a good beard. One such tin is the highly demanded Wood & Spice Beard Care Tin. Unlike regular shampoo that can cause irritation and damage to delicate facial hair, the included beard shampoo’s low-lathering formula contains no harsh chemicals and so is suitable for daily use. Also included is a Beard Oil which helps condition and hydrate facial hair, from stubble to fully grown beards, and a Beard Balm that keeps the skin feeling fresh, reducing feelings of itchiness and discomfort by infusing the skin with moisture.

A giant in the male grooming market, Wahl have been consistenly setting the bar high for beard shavers, beard trimmers and beard shaping tools on the market for decades. Here at the Modern Man we stock an extensive range of Wahl hair clippers, such as the Wahl Grooming Tools Shaver that provides precise, smooth shaving while remaining lightweight and perfect for travelling.

Beard hair is different to other types of hair, and so we promote specified products for beard trimming and beard styling. Don’t let yourself treat your hairline the same way you maintain the condition of your facial hair.

No matter your style of facial hair, or exactly how much of it you have, make sure you tool up properly with The Modern Man.