Beard Wash

Beard Wash

Come and explore just how many options you have when it comes to keeping your facial hair soft, clean, and nourished with the plethora of Beard Washes we stock here on The Modern Man. We believe beard care and beard grooming are just as important as your shave routine or daily skincare ritual.

You may try and take care of two birds with one stone by using your regular shampoo or conditioner on your beard. Unfortunately, this is a futile exercise, as your beard hair is fundamentally different to head hair. Using regular body wash or hair shampoo on your beard is simply not worth it when we stock such high quality products from brands such as Men Rock, Proraso, Murdock and Dr Dittmar.

By using regular shampoo in your beard, you can end up stripping each individual hair of the natural oils they produce. These are important to the health of your beard, and losing them will cause facial hairs to become dry, brittle, and more susceptible to breaking. It can also lead to the skin beneath the hair becoming sore and irritable and subsequently cause dandruff or sensitive skin. Beard washes work with the beard to make sure it provides only the loving care it needs to become strong and healthy, without inadvertently causing harm.

Beard Washes, beard shampoos and beard conditioners will often include potent cleansing ingredients such as Argan Oil and Aloe Vera, jojoba, tea tree oils, coconut oil and other essential oils to help soothe irritation and soften up hair fibers with hydrating and moisturising actions. Vitamin E boosts nutrient content, keeping each follicle stronger. And of course, each comes with a tantalizing combination of aromas to stave of the dreaded beard pong.

Some of our best settling beard wash products include:

Reuzel Beard Foam 70ml - Bring the best out of your beard with this Leave-In Conditioner from Reuzel. Designed to cleanse and soften the beard, this beard conditioner thickens whilst tackling flaky skin underneath. Features witch hazel, nettle and rosemary extracts to provide a fresh scent.

Proraso Beard Wash Azur Lime 200ml - The exotic citrus scent of this beard wash from Proraso ensures your beard smells fresh all day long, whilst the formula is great for cleansing your face fuzz without stripping skin of important oils.

The Brighton Beard Co. The Miller's Beard Shampoo Sandalwood Elemi & Lavender 100g - An all natural, gentle, yet effective cleanser; full to the brim with the very best beard nourishing oils and butters. Unlike regular shampoo, this solid shampoo bar cleanses without upsetting the natural oils in your beard. 100% natural with no parabens or sulphates.

Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash 177ml - With an advanced formula full of natural fruit extracts and oils, Anthony Logistics Conditioning Beard Wash not only cleanses your beard, it softens your bristles too whilst moisturising the skin underneath to help ward off dryness. It really is the complete package for beard care.

Captain Fawcett Beer'd Shampoo Gentle Beard Wash 250ml - A gentle cleanser for your beard that keeps it soft, clean and nourished thanks in part to its fragrant, hoppy recipe - made with real beer!

Osma Tradition Beard Shampoo 200ml - Contains 98% pure natural ingredients, including Floral Oak Water known for its astringent and purifying properties. Protects your skin as well as restoring lustre and shine to your beard. Also contains panama wood extracts which make an excellent natural soap, whilst its fresh and invigorating fragrance beings an immediate feeling of freshness.

Take a look around and see just how many different nourishing benefits and seductive smells each beard wash can provide you with. Trust me, I’ve only just scratched the surface. While you're here, check out our range of male grooming products, like beard balm and beard oil for any occasion or need, free delivery is also available, T&C's apply.