You’ve got grooming products for your skin, shampoos and conditioners for your hair, soaps for your hands, and shower gels for your body. Why should your beard be any different, and go unloved and uncared for? Scruffiness may have been what people thought of when thinking about bearded men in the past. But that was then and this is now. Now male grooming offers you a range of products to care for and style your facial hair, whether its a full beard, chinstrap, stubble, a goatee, bushy beard a short beard, long beard or a hairstyle on your face like sideburns. Here at The Modern Man we love this new avenue of male grooming and aim to supply you with the best products to indulge in this lifestyle.

We like to bring a bit of vintage style into our clientele’s lives, so that’s why we are always on the hunt for new beard oil to add to our already impressive collection. These are great little all-round products that can help nourish your beard, add a little styling control, and promote thicker hair growth and beard growth, whilst leaving behind a refined scent. Anything from Sandalwood to Citrus Spice.

For the guys that desire a little more styling control for their beard styles, for a look that sets them apart, we’ve got beard waxes and moustache wax you would not BEE-lieve. Some composed of natural Beeswax, others made with cutting-edge scientific formulas, but all able to produce a strong long-lasting hold for next level style.

If you’re not looking to style but just want to provide some haircare to the beard hair, beard balms and wash’s are the way to go. They hydrate, nourish, and moisturise the fibres, resulting in softer hair that is easy to manage and causes less irritation to the skin. They can also help to strengthen the follicles and protect your beard from future damage. And as with any product, you need the proper tools to utilise them to full effect. High-quality beard trimmers, combs and brushes made from polished oak and buffalo horn, make applying and styling a breeze, whilst a pair of delicate and precise scissors can help keep your beard and moustache free of free-flying hairs.

We stock brands such as

Anthony,The Bluebeards Revenge, Captain Fawcett, Edwin Jagger, and Hawkins & Brimble

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