Beard Cologne

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Beard Cologne

After growing yourself a beard, you quickly come to realise a beard is as much about making sure it smells nice as it is about making sure it looks nice. With something that close to your nose, you don’t want it kicking up a stink.

Making sure your beard has the right smell can really help to complete the look if a true beardsmen. So investing in some beard colognes is a must. So at The Modern Man, we've included them in our range of beard grooming products to make sure you can get the most out of your beard.

Scents can include lively citrus tones that will freshen up your mind as much as it freshens up your beard, warmer aromas of cinnamon and cloves, perfect for the winter months when you want something a bit more indulgent for a cosy feeling. You can even go for the timeless scents of sandalwood and oak, that will make you feel nostalgic for a time long past.

The application of beard colognes is as easy as it is with any regular cologne or deodorant. Just spray on after showering. This makes it one hell of an easy finishing touch to the grooming regime of any man with a little facial scruff that wants to truly impress.