How To Master The Art Of The Perfect Shave

Shaving is an essentially everyday experience for many men- perhaps something that you have to do rather than something that you enjoy. Here are some top tips that can make it more of an experience and less of a chore, whether you are new to the shaving game or you want to shake up your routine.

There are a variety of tips and techniques out there so discover which one works best for you. We have asked the experts behind Murdock London for their advice and top tips.

Murdock have created a range of quality, British grooming products to give you the confidence to take on the World. Inspired by British traditions, Murdock want to give you the indulgent and memorable barbershop experience at home. Who better to ask about how to get the perfect shave then the Murdock London team; here is what they have to say:

The art of shaving doesn't always require a barbershop interior in which to be conducted. The foundations and results of a perfect wet shave can be achieved in your very bathroom at home - and we can help you achieve just that. There are just five fundamental steps to follow…

Step 1 - Wash your face beforehand

This is crucial in regards to how your skin will respond to your blade - no matter how snazzy the steel may be. Before shaving you should wash your face in order to cleanse the pores and remove potential irritation caused by grit and dead skin. After gently drying your face, apply a generous amount of Pre Shave Oil in order to further soften the skin and facial hair.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Face

Mix two thirds very hot water with one third cold in your sink or bowl and soak a flannel for a few moments. Squeeze the flannel out and apply to your face for a few moments more. Absorb the flannel for a few moments longer if you have a particularly large amount of facial hair to remove

Step 3 - Prepare Your Shave Cream Lather

Allow your brush to fully immerse in the warm water to loosen the hair. Let the excess water drip out before proceeding to use. Take a fingertip amount of shave cream and using your brush in a firm circular motion, create a creamy lather in your shaving bowl. Always try to use a brush when shaving - our clients with the best skin are generally those who shave with one.

Step 4 - The Correct Technique

One key tip that our expert barbers always emphasise is that you should never shave across the grain of hair growth. We cannot stress this enough. Always shave in the direction your hair is pointing to avoid irritation. With your razor in one hand, use your free hand to pull on your skin in order to firmly open your pores and release the targeted hair.

Step 5 - Cool Off

After shaving, cool your skin down with a cold towel for a few moments and apply a liberal amount of Post Shave Balm to soothe the surface. As sharp and fresh as you may be feeling right now, be careful to avoid the temptation of applying cologne directly to your newly-shaved face.

From this point on, we hope you enjoy a closer, more comfortable and satisfying traditional shave at home.

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Posted on 06-07-2018