Dear Barber

Dear Barber

Dear Barber are male grooming pioneers. Their mission is simple - to combine the heritage, tradition and authenticity of age-old grooming techniques with contemporary style and the latest technology. In doing this, Dear Barber have managed to create a range of male grooming products like no other, with vintage designs and futuristic performance that provide superior results every time.

Split into two strands - grooming and styling - the Dear Barber ranges are instantly striking, with classic shades of brown, cream and dark green, harking back to a bygone era of class and sophistication. The cream of their visual crop however, are the Dear Barber styling products, which come in distinctive wood effect tubs, emblazoned with the Dear Barber crest. This provides their products with a fantastic natural feel, whilst differentiating them from any other men’s hair styling product on the market.

The male grooming range from Dear Barber includes a selection of men’s haircare products - men’s shampoo and men’s conditioner, and also a choice pick of products for maintaining and improving facial hair. The Dear Barber Beard Oil is a great choice to provide your skin and beard with the extra moisture they need to perform at their best, whilst the Dear Barber Moustache Wax offers fantastic strong hold and easy styling, making it the perfect choice to work your tash into a striking shape. Dear Barber also make a men’s Shave Oil, the transparent nature of it making it great for men who wish to keep some facial hair and thus want to see where they’re shaving.

Dear Barber’s men’s hair styling range, meanwhile, features Shaping Cream, Pomade, Beard Balm, Fibre and Mattifier. With this variety in hold strength, texture, and shine/matte finishes, there’s a Dear Barber styling product for any man and any hair style.

Some of Dear Barber’s best selling grooming products include...

Dear Barber Fibre 100ml - Possessing all that a look could possibly need to be distinct and impressive, Dear Barber Fibre succeeds in giving hair strength, shine and texture. Working best in short hair, fibre should be the option of choice for those seeking a style with staying power, for whatever life throws at you.

Dear Barber Mattifier 100ml - Giving a natural shine-free look for fashionable, deconstructed styles, this Mattifier from Dear barber could be the next great hair product for barber everywhere. Working best in mid-length hair, the Mattifier hair product delivers on texture and hold and actually gives a thicker appearance; a rare benefit in modern styling options.

Dear Barber Strong Hold Pomade 100ml - Allowing for continued alteration throughout the day, Dear Barber Pomade is a truly modern take on the classic barbering standard. Possessing plenty of shine, the Pomade is perfect for reigning in and controlling even the curliest and frizz-filled hair.

Dear Barber Shaping Cream 100ml - Natural and flexible, Dear Barber Shaping Cream is all about providing the texture needed for truly great styles. The cream’s effective softening action gives sleek refinement to even the most coarse and thick hair.

Dear Barber Sea Salt Texturising Spray 100ml - Give your hair maximum texture with this Sea Salt Spray from Dear Barber. Created thicker, volumised hair and provides a great mate hold. The salt infused formula is suitable for all hair types and provides lasting shape and definition.

Dear Barber Sulphate Free Shampoo 250ml - This Dear Barber Shampoo provides hair, scalp and beard the care and attention it deserves. The unique formula is enriched with plant-based surfactants which reduce the loss of essential nutrients in your hair and beard, promoting healthy and non-irritable skin beneath.

Dear Barber Hair and Beard Conditioner 250ml - Able soften even the coarsest strands with ease, the conditioner also carefully hydrates the areas most in need of moisture and leaves hair with a shine reflective of the health within. Dry hair becomes a thing of the past.

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