Manufactured to exacting standards in Sweden, Derby razors and shaving creams are designed to deliver long-lasting results, without skin irritation. Durable, precise and reliable, the Derby range offers quality and comfort for both men and women.

The Derby blade range comes in a variety of options, including single edge, double edged and platinum stainless blades. Double edge blades are suitable for all safety razors. Constructed from chromium-ceramic, platinum and tungsten, they are triple polymer coated to maximise comfort and glide. The blades are also suitable to be snapped in half and used with a cut throat razor.

To accommodate the growing demand for cut throat shaving, Derby's single edge razors are designed to optimise the cut throat style, preventing barbers and shavers from having to split conventional blades in half. Each blade is individually wrapped in waxed paper to maintain its sharpness. The blades are manufactured from quality steel strip, coated with chromium-ceramic tungsten and platinum to produce a smooth, precise and long-lasting result.

For the optimum wet shave, Derby Extra Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades offer an affordable option without compromising quality. Stainless steel blades provide long-lasting precision and safety. The triple coating on each blade minimises skin irritation by achieving a snag-free glide, even for the closest shave.

Derby Body Disposable Razors are an innovative design specifically manufactured to tackle unwanted body hair. For both men and women, the blades deliver resistance-free close shaves that tackle even the toughest hairs, while supporting sensitive skin on the legs, chest and bikini areas.

The Derby range of shaving soaps is designed to optimise the precision and durability of blades, creating a smooth and irritation-free shaving experience. The soaps are available in a range of fragrances for men and women, including lemon, soothing lavender and cool menthol.

Minimal amounts of soap produce a rich lather that delivers maximum moisturisation to nourish the skin and leave it feeling fresh, smooth and healthy. The classic design of Derby Shaving Soap in a Bowl makes traditional shaving simple and mess free, producing rich lather with a masculine long-lasting fragrance.