Hydrea London




Welcome to the world of Hydrea London, bringing you premium quality products for luxurious bodycare. Sourced from the finest natural and organic raw materials, Hydrea's exquisite range of brushes will take your bathing to new heights.

Use a Body Brush or An Exfoliator to improve your skin tone, as it removes dead skin cells and stimulates your blood flow. Choose from a range of wet and dry brushes designed to suit your grooming needs.

Dry brushing exfoliates your skin and allows skincare products to more efficiently penetrate your skin, leaving you with a smooth, hydrated finish. Include dry brushing in your routine before your bath or shower so you can wash off the impurities. Wet brushing can be done in the shower or bath, and all Hydrea brushes have ergonomically designed handles to help you maintain your grip and brush with ease.

Body brushes are made of all natural bristles of varying strengths, so there is a brush to suit your skin type. You will find a Hydrea body brush has bristles cut in such a way as to enhance your comfort, giving you that luxuriously clean feeling.

Hydrea specialise in high-quality, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products. Featuring FSC®certified products, all wooden items come from a sustainable and renewable source. Body brushes are made with wood that is specially treated to prevent cracking, and they are waxed so that they can resist mould. Treat yourself to spa-quality luxury at home when you choose a Hydrea London body brush and feel the difference it can make to your skin.