The Refinery


The Refinery

From one of the leading brands in the women's health care market, Aromatherapy Associates, comes The Refinery. Skin care and hair care designed specificely for men and their needs.

The Refinery combines the expert knowledge Aromatherapy Associates have developed on skin and hair care after being an industry leader for so long, with extensive research into what it is the modern man needs to be able to keep every aspect of their appearance looking healthy, nourished, and at its absolute best.

Even in the face of all the environmental conditions and internal and external threats men are likely to come up against, The Refinery will help fight of impurities and restore a natural balance. Whether you’re a man living in a stress inducing urban environment, or you’ve opted for a more remote lifestyle out in the wilds. The Refinery will be able to keep your skin and hair nourished and well protected.

Their products include Face Scrubs to help vanquish dead skin cells and brighten your skin tone, Post Shave Balms to soothe razor burn and refresh the skin after shaving, and shampoo and conditioner that can work together to cleanse and nourish your hair.

All these are stored within The Refinery’s uniquely branded packages. Packages that are simple, sleek, and to the point. Packages designed for men who know what it is they want. Men who don’t want the package to be over laden with useless information and overly flashy designs. But a package that still looks good on their shelf.