The Bearded Bastard

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The Bearded Bastard.

These Bastards are all about Beards. Specifically providing you with the products that will help to make sure your beard has you looking and smelling like a great big bearded bastard. In a good way if that wasn't clear.

All of their, and every part of their products, from the rich formulas to the stylish containers they are stored within are made in the heart of The Bearded Bastard operation in Austin in the state of Texas. And nothing about their products shy away from this fact. In fact they very much celebrate it.

Each of Bearded Bastard’s products has uniquely carved wood skin, labelling exactly what it is, and the products in question provide strong nourishment, protection and a quintessentially manly aroma to complete your bearded look.

Their beard oils will relieve itchiness by using essential oils to keep the hair soft and conditioned, making it easier to manage. Their balms provide an equally impressive nourishing action whilst also giving you styling abilities with the added beeswax and shea butter. They even make moustache wax and hair clay to make sure no part of your look is lacking.

Their unique fragrances include the rejuvenating smells of fresh coffee, the alluring and exotic scents of a vintage eastern Opium Den, and the all natural and refreshing smells of the great outdoors.

The team at The Bearded Bastard are equally as passionate about looking after the Earth, as they are about creating high quality, premium products. They make every effort to source the best natural ingredients from sustainable sources responsibly, wherever they can.

So as The Bearded Bastard like to say:

Stay Bearded. Stay Bastard.