Explore the premium British brand Vulfix, known for their manufacturing of badger shaving brushes for over 50 years. This well established brand has a devoted following within the wet shave industry, without skipping on quality. In a range of styles and classy, sophisticated handles, your wet shaving routine will never be the same again. Why not pair your shaving brush with another of Vulfix’s high quality shaving products? Explore the full range of shave accessories, including shaving bowls, not to mention the other products Vulfix have to offer!

Some of Vulfix’s bestselling shaving products include the following...

Vulfix Large Shaving Soap - Over half a century of shaving knowledge has gone into creating this Shaving Soap form Vulfix, ideal for keeping things smooth and simple. Capable of creating a rich, creamy lather, this soap helps protect skin whilst shaving, as well as aiding the razor blade in gliding effortlessly across your face.

Vulfix Super Badger Shaving Brush 2236s - Ivory - A luxury grade of badger hair for an even softer shave, this shaving brush’s bristles are of such fine quality that it does not require trimming or tapering, meaning the bristle ends are natural. This is what provides the extra soft feel, helping to soften and exfoliate skin prior to shaving.

Vulfix Pure Badger Travel Brush 2190 - This pure badger shaving brush come in a handy travel size so that you can achieve a quality shave even when on the go. Pure badger hair is an excellent grade, combining softness and performance with excellent value for money. The plastic travel case keeps the brush safe and secure, ideal for a wash bag.

Vulfix Styptic Pencil - No matter how well you prepare, nicks an irritation can occur whilst shaving. Sterilise and soothe these with a Vulfix Styptic Pencil. Works to prevent blood flow, cutting down on those pesky nicks and scratches.

Vulfix Old Original Shaving Scuttle and Soap - Whip up a hot, rich lather with this Shaving Scuttle and Soap from Vulfix. The authentic, traditional style helps add a classic feel to your all-round shaving experience. By heating both the brush and ceramic, this Shaving Scuttle helps improve the quality of the lather you work up.

Vulfix Black Brush Drip Stand - In order to keep your shaving brush in top quality, it needs to dry with the bristles facing down. This drip stand is ideal for this, ensuring your shaving brush lasts for years. Features adhesive pad and screw hole for easy attachment to a bathroom wall.

Vulfix 26 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush - There’s a classic English sensibility to all of Vulfix’s range, and this Pure Bristle Shaving Brush is no different. The bristle hold water well, making for easy lather whipping, whilst the tips will exfoliate your skin for a smoother shave.

Vulfix Super Badger 660S Medium Ivory - The Vulfix 660S allows you to shave in style. Badger bristles have been relied upon by generations to whip up rich lather, the soft hairs help exfoliate the skin whilst ensuring the lather is thick and creamy. Raises your stubble, helping the razor to glide through it with ease.

Explore the range of shaving accessories and essentials from Vulfix, and upgrade your shaving routine today!