Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet

No modern man wants, chapped, dry skin hands or rough, sore feet. Thanks to our hands & feet range, you no longer have to. We stock a vast, growing supply of products to help you get the best out of your hands, fingers, nails, cuticles, toes and the souls of your feet, the perfect companion to your skincare regime.

Taking good care of your hands and feet really is vital, not just to having a comfortable feel but also to mastering your look. No one wants to see scruffy, unkempt nails, nor do they want to touch rough, weather-worn hands. The Modern Man understands that with a full-on lifestyle, keeping your hands and feet in top shape can be tricky, which is why we’re constantly sourcing the best products to give your hands and feet the care we need.

Perhaps the main focus of our range is our extensive selection of quality hand creams and moisturisers to hydrate. The skin on your hands is different to that of your body or face, and takes a lot of extra punishment - not just from the weather, but from other aspects of your lifestyle such as harsh hand wash, which can easily sap it’s moisture and leave hands dry and sore. This is why you need a specific cream designed exclusively for your hands, to provide the kind of repair and protection they need to feel hydrated and nourished again. With scientifically proven formulas, our hand creams offer excellent conditioning for your skin.

We also have a range of products to help with nails and cuticles, from trimming and clipping them into shape, to products that protect and strengthen the nail. As for your feet, The Modern Man stocks a selection of soothing foot creams, which help soften and relax the skin on your feet, so it doesn’t feel dry or dead, or be at risk of cracking. To avoid dry skin on your feet, there are tools you can use such as a pumice stone, that works exfoliating your feet and removing the dead skin cells. Exfoliators can be found on The Modern Man in the form of a foot or hand balm, or an accessory to help you along the way.

Whilst they may not be the first area people think about when stepping up their grooming regime, by putting time and effort into caring for your hands and feet you can really go a long way to improving your look and upping your self-esteem. We stock a number of trusted and well known brands such as Hydrea London, James + Jake, SA.AL:CO, Stop The Water and Korres. There is such a variety to choose from there's something for everyone whether you're looking for an anti-aging cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines, a certain ingredient for example peppermint or maybe you're new to this and have no idea! We know whatever you choose you won't be let down!