Sharp, smooth blades make for sharp, smooth shaves. Astra shaving are one of the most popular manufacturers of double edge razor blades in the world, with their Astra Superior Platinum a go-to blade for wet shaves all across the globe. Built by Gillette in Russia, you know you’re getting a double razor blade of real shaving pedigree, made of cold, hard, durable metal.

The platinum coating of the Astra Superior Platinum creates a durable, reliable blade, that provides close cutting for a slick, smooth finish. What makes Astra particularly popular amongst men is that whilst they’re plenty sharp enough to show your stubble the door, but they’re not the very sharpest on the market. This means the Astra is a more forgiving blade than some, good for normal skin and hair, and ideal for more sensitive skin. Your stubble won’t notice any difference - it will get cut all the same - but your face will thank you for shaving with an Astra double edge blade. They are kinder to the skin than an ultra sharp blade, reducing the likelihood of unwanted irritation and soreness, as well as cuts and nicks.

Astra blades unsurprisingly take on the traditional double edge form and shape, meaning they are an ideal fit for an traditional double edge safety razor. They can also be snapped in half, making them highly suitable for modern style shavettes which take two halves of a double edge blade. Here once again, the forgiving nature of the Astra comes in handy, as the angle of a shavette is different to that of a safety razor.

Reliable, durable, and affordable, it’s of little surprise that Astra are as popular as they are. Shop the range on The Modern Man and treat yourself! You can expect to find blades such as Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades, Superior Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades (5 Blades and Superior Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades if you fancy a bulk buy!