Bad Norwegian


Bad Norwegian

Bad Norwegian was started by grizzly bearded Norwegian, Marius. Looking for a skincare product that would nourish and protect his skin in the same way his girlfriend's products would, but being more attuned to men's skin, the experiences they face, and the problems that arise. And a product that didn't come in a glittery pink tube and smelled like roses and potpourri.

Unable to find this product, he went ahead and made it himself. Bad Norwegian creates skincare products designed specifically for men, by men. Helping men to keep their skin nourished and healthy despite leading a rugged and adventurous life.

Within their products you’ll find a potent mix of scientific research and clean natural ingredients. Research that allows them to create formulas that work straight up as they're meant to, simply and effectively. And ingredients extracted from plants and produce that can thrive in some of the harshest locations on the earth, helping your skin to do exactly the same.

As Bad Norwegian’s products are inspired by their love to explore the natural world, and even use ingredients from it, Bad Norwegian test their products on friends and not animals.

There's no BS thrown in to make the products seem flashy, but take away from their ability to nourish. As there’s no BS in the product, neither is there any on the outside. You’ll find simple yet sleek packaging devoid of any marketing BS to try and sell it. What sells Bad Norwegian is their quality.

In their range you’ll find everything you need for simple and effective skin care. From Moisturiser to deodorants. Explore it for yourself and I guarantee you’ll be tempted to introduce a little of Norwegian practicality into your skincare regime.