Captain Fawcett


Captain Fawcett

That dapper old dandy Captain Fawcett knew a thing or two about men’s styling, and his vintage men’s grooming products capture the Captain’s exotic voyages and intrepid expeditions. If you’ve got a moustache quandary then Captain Fawcett is the man to turn to - his range of gentleman’s moustache wax is second to none, whilst the fine gent has also designed multiple other shaving and beard maintenance products, giving modern men the traditional, old-school, treatment.

Captain Fawcett’s moustache wax features unique scents, strong hold and ultra-easy styling, for an all round styling juggernaut. With Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Booze ‘n’ Baccy, there’s a scent for any man, you’re sure to find the perfect fragrance for right under your nose. With natural beeswax included as a vital ingredient, not only does Captain Fawcett’s wax smell fantastic, but it’s sure to keep even the most outrageous of shapes in check. Cant decide what scent to go for? Why not check out thegift set,?

Captain Fawcett has put the same knowledgeable nose know-how into his beard oils, creating oils that really capture his vintage style and traditional heritage. WithBooze ‘n’ Baccy andPrivate Stock scents, they give modern men a sense of wisdom and experience beyond their years. Captain Fawcett’s exotic beard oils are ideal for replacing the moisture in your beard and skin that can otherwise be absorbed by facial hair. If an oil isn't for you, this vintage brand also offers a selection of beard balms with unique fragrances that you'll love.

For those of you who choose the sharp look of a clean shave, fear not! You can still revel in Captain Fawcett’s male grooming magic, with his luxurious shaving soap. Whip up a rich lather, aid the blade as it glides across your face, cool and soothe post-shave, and be left with a delicious scent, thanks to Captain Fawcett’s shaving soap.