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Did you know, dandruff isn't your scalp flaking, it's actually globs of excess oil? Yeah, grosser than ever, we know. Our anti-dandruff range will get your oil levels back under control, leaving your hair and scalp clean and fresh.

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Fight The Fungus

Recipe For Men

Dandruff is caused by a fungus - a bit like athlete's foot. It thrives in the damp, moisture of an oily scalp. Recipe For Men Anti-Dandruff features Piroctone Olomine, an anti-fungus ingredient that stops dandruff before it starts.

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Don't Dry Out

American Crew Sebum Control

Those cheapo shop-bought anti-dandruff shampoos tackle excess oil by drying your scalp out - leaving it itchy and flaking. American Crew instead rebalances your oil-release levels, so there's less oil to begin with.

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Forget Flakes

Schwarzkopf [3D] Men Anti-Dandruff

You don't need industrial cleaning products or paint stripper to get rid of dandruff - a gentle formula can do the trick, as long as it's got the right science in it. Schwarzkopf [3D] Men Shampoo uses Zinc Pyrithione to prevent flakes and globs.

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