Acne and Problem Skin


Sadly, acne and other skin issues aren’t left behind forever in your teenage years - they can and do crop up and cause problems at any age. It can understandably hamper a man’s confidence, so it’s vital you get them under control so you can feel your best again as soon as possible.

For these reasons, The Modern Man stocks an extensive range of acne treatments for men, which have been specifically designed to target and eliminate your spots and zits. Our acne tackling range features some of the biggest brands in skincare, including Anthony Logistics, Skin Doctors and Korres, so you know your face is in safe hands and that you really are getting the best of the best.

To tackle spots, zits, pimples and acne, we have a selection of different products and mens acne treatments to meet your individual needs. There are ultra-deep facial cleansers, which aim to rid the face of the causes of spots, such as dirt and grease, as well as purifying pads which are ideal for giving your face a good, fresh wipe. There are also zapper pens, allowing you to accurately target specific problem areas for efficient relief.

No one should have to suffer with acne, and our range of spot treatment and skincare will help ensure that you don’t.