Grey Coverage

Grey Coverage

Wondering why the colour is starting to fade from your hair whilst the men around you all seem to have hair that still looks full of life? The answer is simple. It’s not genetics or nature - it’s just that they’re using grey hair products and you’re not! Our range of grey hair solutions - including men's hair dye and colour - will ensure you’re not left behind.

Grey hair is a perfectly natural sign of your body maturing, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let it happen. Whilst some men choose to embrace the look, plenty of modern men now decide that they'd prefer to rock a different look. If you feel that your hair is starting to fade or beginning to lose its colour, then you’ve come to the right place, because here at The Modern Man we’ve got a wide selection of grey hair color treatments and products. They’ve been especially designed to turn the clock back, tackling greying men’s hair and bringing it back to life.

The Modern Man offers a wide range of treatments to suit your personal needs - from direct hair colouring options, to shampoos that control and boost your hair tone, and even a selection of styling products that help darken your hair whilst keeping each strand perfectly in place. By treating yourself to younger looking hair, it will help take years off your whole appearance, meaning you can once again look as young as you feel.

Some men may at first feel uncomfortable using this sort of product. The key is to view gray hair treatments as simply another part of your styling process. Just as you wouldn’t stop having haircuts and let your hair do whatever it wants shape and style wise, you shouldn’t have to let your hair dictate its colour to you either. You’ve taken control of your hair style, now take control of it’s colour. Our men's hair dye and colouring products provide subtle, natural looking results, and leave your hair looking as great as it always has done. It’s a sure method of boosting your confidence whilst maintaining your appeal.

Some of our best selling grey coverage hair products include...

Morgan's Classic Hair Darkening Cream 150ml - Morgan's Classic Hair Darkening Cream aims to darken hair in a way that conventional hair dyes simply cannot. The light formula is truly healthy and will see even the driest and most brittle hair become completely rejuvenated in look and feel.

American Crew Precision Blend Hair Colour For Men Kit - Light - In just a few minutes, you can look and feel five years younger with this dye kit from American Crew. Easy to use and apply. No brassiness. 5 minute application with natural hair color results. One of the best hair dye options for grey hair.

L'Oreal Professionnel Homme Grey Cover No 6 Dark Blonde 3 x 50ml - Subtle, discreet and provides up to 50% gray coverage in just 5 minutes. No 6 is great for fast and effective grey coverage for dark blonde hair. The ammonia-free gel gives your hair the care it needs to be at its best.

L'Oreal Professionnel Homme Grey Cover No 3 Dark Brown 3 x 50ml - Fast and effective grey coverage for dark brown hair. Purposefully designed with the natural look in mind.

Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade 200g - Designed specifically for grey and aging hair, the rich and aromatic formula steadily darkens the hair shade over three to four weeks, gradually returning youth and vibrancy to your life. Allows you to create a bespoke style without resorting to dyes to get an even colour in the process. Formula includes Wheat Germ Oil, a major source of Vitamin E, helps maintain the hair's condition and keeps it looking healthy and well groomed.

Shop our full range of men's grey hair care products here on The Modern Man, because you don't need a professional colorist or stylist to achieve superior coverage results. Treat your hair at home with our range of men's hair color and coverage products.