Once the main staple of a barbers toolkit, over the years hair tonics started to fall out of favour. Barbershop and their clients alike started favouring the use of more modern hair products like gels and mousses. But now, thanks to the growing popularity of vintage grooming products and style, hair tonics are starting to make a come back into the forefront of the men's grooming industry in a big way. And this has got all of us at The Modern Man giddy with excitement. Using styling product is part of most men's routine but there is no harm in mixing it up and trying something new. We have made choosing your hair tonic easy!

Tonics were largely used at first to give people a little styling control over their hair, which is why they were eventually taken over by-products like gels which offered a much stronger hold. But with vintage style being all the rage you can use them to give yourself a classic slicked back look of controlled parting and the appearance of healthy hair.

Tonics also hold a host of other benefits that make them a great addition to your hair care kit. Many tonics use a combination of essential oils such as argan, as apart of their formula. Essential oils such as coconut and chamomile which will nourish the fibres of your hair as well as the scalp, for a look that's healthy as well as slick. It is equally as important to look after your scalp than it is your hair. A healthy scalp can minimise dandruff, dry scalp, dry hair, brittle hair, and split ends.

They also enrich you with one of many invigorating scents. From the rich and indulgent aromas of bay leaves soaked in rum, to a refreshing and revitalizing twist of citrus fruits.

Some of our best sellers areThe Bluebeards Revenge, Fresh Heads, Jack Dean, Pashana and Reuzel.

Check out our offerings and give your hair a little old school twist.