Just because we’ve got these products listed under more, don’t be fooled into thinking that their not worth your time. Here we’ve got products that help to truly make you a modern man, and stay a modern man.

If you’re one to regularly keep your facial hair under check, but aren't fully convinced by the idea of a down to the last fraction of a millimeter clean shave then we feel your pain. Just because we don’t want to go full gandalf, doesn't mean we want to go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum either. Here is where you’ll find our range of electrical razors and trimmers, for keeping your beard and or tache to the length that suits you best.

What is a Modern Man if not a man who likes to travel. Check out our travel section for grooming products the perfect size for taking with you as you go off jet setting, without causing any trouble with border control. You’ll also find stylish bags and cases in which to store them all the easier.

Whilst you there checking out the travel friendly goodies, might i recommend having a gander at our Sun Care section? Traveling tends to end you up in some of the most culturally diverse and beautiful places on earth. But these cultural, beautiful places tend to come as a packaged deal with increased sun exposure. Even in the snowy alps, you’re at danger of overexposure.

So we’ve established the Modern Man likes to travel. What else do we know about him? He’s a generous bloke of course. Perouse our range of gift sets, perfect for bequeathing to a friend who’s not quite as regermented with the grooming practices and need help catching up with the rest of us.