What modern men need to get the very best male grooming possible, are modern tools.

Here at The Modern Man we stock a large array of trimmers and clippers, and other mens electrical grooming products for both the head and beard, helping the man who wants to maintain his look himself. Our hair trimmers and clippers are ideal for the man who wants to take control of his hair style himself, whether he wants to do the entire job, or simply small touch ups to keep everything perfectly in shape and style. Our beard trimmers and clippers are perfect for keeping facial hair in check, with options for both stubble and beards. Many trimmers and clippers offer varying lengths, allowing you to achieve multiple styles with ease.

We stock both corded and cordless trimmers, to give men every option. Corded trimmers are reliable, powerful and still the industry standard for many professionals - and a lot of our trimmers are professional standard. They’re easy to maintain and always ready to go with no need to charge them up.

Whereas once cordless trimmers were weak and weedy, offering pitiful power and battery life, technology has now come on leaps and bounds in recent years. What this means is that The Modern Man now stocks a range of cordless trimmers that can truly compete with now offer excellent battery life and recharge times, whilst being just as powerful as some corded trimmers. Because you’re not reliant on a plug socket, you can not only use a cordless trimmer anywhere in the world - ideal for travelling - but you will find you have more manoeuvrability as well, as you’re not being held back by a cable.

The Modern Man aims to always be on top of the latest in technology, which is why we stock the finest brands on offer. We have a big selection from male grooming giant Wahl, as well as stocking some of the latest products available from Andis, another huge brand.

We also stock a range of electrical styling essentials, for the man who wants to take real pride in his hair. As part of the male grooming revolution, hair straighteners are now as common amongst men as they are among women, so we keep a strong selection for men who want to tame their hair. Our sophisticated range of hair dryers are ideal for styling whilst drying, and form a key part of maintaining looks such as quiffs and pompadours.