Apothecary 87

Apothecary 87

One of the biggest new names in luxury male grooming, Apothecary 87 are as eye-catching as anyone that we stock at The Modern Man. All their products hark back to the good old days, fusing a gorgeous vintage style with powerful performance for breathtaking end results, time and again.

Your new favourite brand, Apothecary 87 deal with the most stylish areas of male grooming, with extensive hair, beard and shaving products. Apothecary 87 have put time and effort into developing multiple pomades, each delivering a different hold strength and shine level, as well as delicious fragrance. They also make a silky smooth shave cream, and multiple stand out beard oils and beard balms, ideal for moisturising your beard and skin. For the moustached amongst you, be sure to check out their moustache wax, ideal for styling your tash.

One of the defining aspects of Apothecary 87 is their ice-cool style. Just look at the intricately designed vintage patterns on their pomades and matte pastes. When a company puts that much time and effort into their packaging, you know the product is going to pack a serious punch as well.

Another serious feather in the Apothecary 87 cap comes in the quality of their scents. Not content with crafting products that leave you looking and feeling great, unforgettable fragrances into each and every one of their male grooming products. With Apothecary 87 vanilla and mango, sandalwood, and even gun powder, they are determined to give your every sense an extra boost of masculinity, whilst ensuring you stand out from the ordinary men in the street.

Some of bestsellers include the Vanilla & Mango Clay Pomade. Deliciously scented and ideal for a flexible hold that can be re styled throughout the day, if you don't fancy a pomade but the mango is jumping out, try theVanilla & MANgo Beard Oil 10ml. For those who aren't massive into vibrant fragrances why not try The Unscented Beard Oil 50ml, designed to make your hair grow thicker and faster, perfect for maintaining and healthy shine.

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