Arko has been perfecting the art of a close shave for over 50 years. The Turkish brand hails from the spiritual home of the wet shave and has become synonymous with shaving thanks to its wide range of shaving products.

To get that close shave, or wet shave as it is also known, straight razors - or cutthroat razors as they are more commonly known, which enable the blade to glide over the skin to remove unwanted hairs - have been the implement of choice since the early 1900s. Many traditional barbers still offer this service.

As we have progressed through time, disposable double edge safety razors have become a handy alternative, alongside thousands of products to prepare and complete your shave. Arko shaving products have become a firm favourite for many men around the world, with its cool 50s-vibe packaging and easy to use products.

One of the most talked about products is the Arko shaving stick. This provides a creamy lather not possible from a normal soap, allowing you to get an even closer shave; meanwhile, the Arko Nem Daily Care cream is a superb moisturiser for your entire body. From aftershaves to moisturising creams, Arko products cover the spectrum of shaving, from prep to aftercare, and all at a reasonable price.

From sticks of Arko shaving soap to tubes of gel and moisturising cream, the much-loved brand remains true to its roots in shaving and provides quality products that allow men to get that classic close shave loved throughout the world.