Feather are the kings of sharp shaving. The Feather Hi-Stainless is one of the most trusted double edge razor blades in the world. Feather are well renowned for making incredibly sharp double edge razor blades. With their extra-sharp nature, Feather double edge razor blades are ideal for those of you modern men with extra thick or coarse stubble. The extra cutting power means Feather double edge razor blades can slice through even the toughest of stubble, leaving your face and jaw feeling ultra soft and smooth. It is this excellent performance that has helped Feather razor blades to become one of the most popular in the world, with millions of men relying on them for the close, smooth shave that all men deserve.

The platinum coating of Feather double edge razor blades not only helps keep them incredibly sharp, but it makes for a durable, reliable blade which ought to be capable of being used for multiple shaves. Crafted in Japan, the Feather blades are manufactured to provide the closest, most precise shave possible.

Not only are Feather double edge razor blades compatible with all double edge safety razors, they can also be snapped in half so they can then be used for modern-style shavette razors. Due to the ultra-sharp nature of Feather double edge razor blades, the correct preparation and men’s shaving products are vital. Ensure you use a thick lather from a men’s shaving soap or men’s shaving cream to protect your jawline from the blade, and help it glide smoothly across your face.

If you want a close shave like no other, Feather really has to be your go-to.