With six generations of exceptional craftsmanship, Kent manufactures high-quality grooming products that come with an enviable handmade reputation. From traditional brushes, combs and shaving products to toothbrushes and beauty products, Kent products are distributed and sold throughout the world.

Kent hair brushes are the company's best-selling product range, with plenty of choice to suit all budgets. With over 100,000 hairs on our head, it is important to look after every strand. Kent has created versatile brushes that are crafted with particular attention to the type of hair, hairstyle and length.

The brushes are made of a natural boar bristle that contains the same protein as human hair. This bristle keeps the hair in good condition and stimulates the scalp. All Kent hair brushes are hand-trimmed to different lengths, which creates an uneven surface and enables the brush to reach the scalp all over the head.

Kent has also created a fantastic range of traditional brushes to tame and groom the modern man's beard. The KentMonster Beard Brush beard brush is sleek and stylish, made with 100% natural boar bristles to stimulate hair follicles, comb out loose hair and exfoliate the skin. Oils are naturally dispersed, gliding through the thickest of hair and giving an all-over natural shine. The Kent beard brush is a handy size and has a wooden base, perfect for on-the- go grooming.

Kent manufactures combs that are once again of excellent quality. These are hand sawn rather than moulded to prevent snagging and damage to the hair. Kent combs have been created with rounded teeth to smoothly glide through the hair without hurting or scratching the scalp. Whatever the hair type, thick or fine, these combs are available in different sizes for both men and women. For example, check out the Kent 81T Beard and Moustache Comb