If there’s one thing the Italians know, it’s style. Whether it’s casual cool or smart and sharp, they’re world experts in looking good, so it should come as no surprise that the stylish men’s shaving products of Italian shaving experts Proraso deliver such stylish results.

Proraso have been perfecting the art of shaving for over 100 years, and it’s safe to say they’ve picked up a thing or two in that time. Specialising in shaving products, their range of shave creams, shave soaps and shave foams are ideal for helping your razor blade glide across your face, reducing irritation whilst protecting your skin and looks.

Where Proraso really come into their own is in the natural ingredients they choose to combine when making their iconic shaving products. The two staples of the Proraso range are their Green selection and their Red selection - hardly surprising given their Italian heritage. The green range combines eucalyptus and menthol, to deliver intense cooling and soothing whilst you shave. The red range merges Sandalwood with shea butter, for a sophisticated scent and a smooth feel. What colour could go alongside red and green to form their third range than white? This is Proraso’s dedicated sensitive skin range, for men who need that extra dose of protection to get the best out of their shave.

And for those of you men with beards, fear not, you can still enjoy the sense of poise and purpose that comes with Proraso, whilst keeping your facial style. Proraso have created beard oils, beard balms and moustache wax, to help you condition and style your facial hair.

With luxurious lathers, elegant fragrances and unbeatable blade glide, Proraso have left nothing to chance when creating their men’s shaving range.