For a shave that glides as smoothly and swiftly as a shark, look no further than Egypt's razorblade heavyweight Shark. At the very forefront of razorblade technology, Shark blades are the pride of Egypt and deliver a shave fit for a pharaoh. Shark is an immediately recognisable brand earning a global reputation. A quality shave at home has become the demand of the modern man. Barbers and professionals swear by Shark for a flawless finish and many men are now clamouring for the blades to enable them to achieve the same results at home.

Shark creates blades in a variety of sizes and finishes. This makes achieving the facial hair or clean shave you want achievable in a mere matter of strokes. Whether you are seeking sharp lines, soft curves or a totally smooth finish, Shark is the market leader.

The Shark double edge razor blades are perhaps the crowning glory of the brand. These individually-wrapped blades provide a silky-smooth close shave with reliability you can set your watch by. These strong, versatile blades are designed to work with every double- edged razor and are renowned for their exceptionally resilient sharpness.

Just as a shark's fin cuts through the waves, Shark blades cut through the hair follicle flawlessly every time for a clean shave you can count on. With a quick snap down the centre, Shark stainless double edge razor blades can also be used in a cutthroat razor for the more experienced.

PTFE-coated, each individual blade is durable and startlingly sharp, made from only the finest high-quality steel. You would never settle for poor quality in the rest of your technology. Invest in the technology of a Shark blade and you will only ever settle for a sleek, ultra-close shave.