Shaveworks gives you the tools you need to ensure you are getting the closest, and most efficient shaving action, that leaves your skin feeling smooth, and perfectly nourished, for a refreshing feeling and rejuvenated look.

Designed by a team who left their old careers behind after finding the marketplace lacking in products that could provide what it was that they and the rest of the world really wanted. Shaveworks was established in 2009 to create the all-natural products that make shaving, simple, effective, and nourishing.

Their products provide a range of benefits, each to help with a specific aspect of shaving you as a consumer may be having trouble with.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion contains powerful exfoliating agents that release trapped hairs, eradicate bacteria on the skin and prevent the recurrence of ingrown hairs. It’ll also soothe an irritation after shaving and reduce razor burn.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix Lip and Brow Formula is a post waxing treatment you can apply all over the body to immediately put a stop to any redness and discomfort that may arise.

Shaveworks Pearl Luxe Body Lotion gives your skin next level moisturising action to keep it soft smooth and supple, and also reduces the appearance of hair on your body, keeping you looking clean and shaven even on the days you don’t pick up the razor.

Shaveworks take pride in being an ethical business that wants to make a difference and not just a profit. They use the best all natural ingredients, giving you the best results without any unwanted side effects, and donate a percentage of their profits to charity.