When it comes to double edge razor blades, there are few brands out there that rival Supermax blades for precision and value for money. Each one has been engineered and designed to give you a smooth, sharp finish that captures every hair, giving you the comfortable shave you want, time after time.

The Supermax blades are great for a long-lasting finish from a wet shave. They're precise, and the razors are aesthetically appealing, too. Our range covers blades to fit the Supermax grips, from packs of 5 through to 200. They are stainless steel and coated platinum and use a polymer for a long-lasting finish.

This brand is a well-kept secret in the industry up against household names, but it can definitely hold its own when it comes to performance, durability and precision, with 30 years of innovation and product development behind it. Our aim is to make shaving as easy and comfortable as possible, and all of our razors have a good grip so the blades glide across your skin with much greater control. The head pivots help mirror the contours of your face for a better, closer shave all around without any missed patches.

The razor is the mainstay of your shaving toolkit, but it can be improved by adding the right lotions. Supermax has a great selection of toiletries to maximise the performance of your blades. Gels and foams help protect your face when you shave, making it easier for the blade to skim across your skin, and it prevent cuts and nicks. Meanwhile, aftershave balm will help cool and soothe skin to leave it feeling soft and moisturised.