Tigi BedHead for Men

Tigi are haircare experts. What they don’t know about hair, isn’t worth knowing. They’ve proven this with year after year of working with the most creative stylists, the most attractive models and the coolest hairstyles. Now, they’ve taken all their haircare and hair styling expertise and have started putting it into men’s hair styling and men’s haircare products.

The Tigi Bedhead for Men Haircare range contains Clean Up, Wise Up and Charge Up. Clean Up features shampoo and conditioner and is an excellent daily option for men who just want a good, deep cleanse for their hair. If your scalp needs a bit of extra care then the Wise Up shampoo is the one for you, whilst modern men struggling with thinning hair should go for the Tigi Bedhead For Men Charge Up shampoo and conditioner, designed to help thicken up problem hair.

Tigi Bedhead for Men also have a styling range, with Matte Separation Wax, to give your hair a pliable, workable structure and intense texture, capped off with a matte finish. Tigi Bedhead for Men Matte Separation Wax is ideal for creating cool, casual looks - what else to expect from a company called Bedhead? Their Firm Finish Gel is great for locking in your rough and ready style, with the strong hold you need to keep looking good all day long. It’s not just the styles that Tigi Bedhead for Men create which are distinctive - the packaging is too. A striking blend of shiny silver and distressed, natural textures create a wholly unique look for Tigi Bedhead for Men, one that will be reflected in your finished look.