Triumph and Disaster

Triumph & Disaster all began with a poem giving by the founders father years before the brand was just an idea, years later look at where they are. Sticking with good old fashioned family values and what it means to be a man, honour and humility, Dion Nash decided these were perfect values to incorporate into the skincare industry.

Utilizing science and embracing nature Triumph and Disaster bring their customer beneficial products that respect the world and make the most out oh human knowledge. Using ingredients from around the world such as Jojoba Oil and Australian Clay and Ponga Fern Extract.

Every modern gentleman's routine is slightly different, depending on age, skin type and of course hair type but fear not because this luxurious and interesting brand offer a range of products suited to everyone! from sunscreen to body wash and pomade. Whatever your style of if you're looking to spruce up your morning regime then this is the brand for you!