Hair Styling


Some elements of your appearance are set in stone - your eye colour for instance. Others, such as achieving a fine, toned physique, can take serious hard work and dedication. Your hair style, however, is the perhaps the easiest to change element of your appearance - you only ever need a trip to the barbers or stylist and a new product to achieve an entirely different look. Not only that, but your hair provides you with a fantastic canvas for expressing your own personal style and individuality. In order to achieve maximum results, it’s vital that you use the right products. Just as you wouldn’t use a hammer to paint a wall, you need to use the correct hair products for the job.

There are many different hair types, hair lengths and hair styles - we have built up a range of hair styling products for men to mirror this, ensuring we can cater to your own personal style. Our hair gels can give you extra hold, ideal for the man who wants to set his look in stone first thing and then not worry about it throughout the day. If you like your hair to be more flexible and you want the opposite of a firm hold - workable then hair wax is a great bet, allowing you to tweak your style as the day goes on. For a deconstructed look, use clay to give your hair texture and a matte finish - ideal for casual styles, and achieving that messy, bed-head look. With the high shine they offer, pomades are the way forward for sleek hair styles - their holds can vary from light to strong, allowing you great choice. We stock both the classic grease-based pomades, for timeless slick backs, as well as modern, water-soluble formulas for ultra-manageability. Alternatively, use a paste to achieve similar styles but with boosted texture and a matte finish. If you want your hair to look and feel natural whilst keeping it under control then Cream is your best bet, and for the true perfectionists it can be used alongside other products as a finishing product.

Our range of styling products come with a mix of properties, for example heat protection, vegan ingredients, essential oils such as argan oil, coconut oil, frizz treatments, curly hair enhancers, mousse, straightening properties and split end repair. We understand that styling and caring for your hair is equally as important as your skincare routine. Pairing your style products with the right shampoo and conditioner can leave your hair feeling salon treated from the comfort of your own home. As mentioned above we have an intense range suitable for all hair types but it isnt always about finding the right wax or gel, hold hairspray, hair mousse or dry shampoo can make all the difference without being too confusing.

If you're new to the world of grooming why not check out our travel size or gift set products to help you determine if you have chosen the correct one for you! Some of our best sellers are American Crew, Dapper Dan, Fettstube, Hawkins & Brimble and Daimon Barber.

Short hair, long hair, slick or casual, no matter what style you’re after, we have the right hair styling products to help you achieve it.