Hair Loss


Hair Loss

For many men, thinning and receding hair can be a cause of stress and concern - which inevitably only makes the situation worse. Now you can put your mind at rest by tackling the problem head on with one of ourhair loss treatmentsto promote hair growth. As well as helping your hair seem thicker and fuller, you’ll no doubt give your self-esteem a big boost too, which can only be a good thing.

Whilst thinning and receding hair are entirely naturally signs of your body maturing and developing or maybe you suffer with alopecia or over styling, it’s often not something men welcome, especially if it begins earlier in life than expected. Many modern men don’t yet feel ready to give up their locks - and why not, your hair is one of the most distinctive parts of your appearance and style, no wonder you want to keep it. Thankfully, we can now slow and stop hair receding, with a range of shampoo for hair loss and other hair loss treatments to suit every man and every hair type.

At The Modern Man we stock a range of brands who offer dedicated hair loss solutions. Some of the biggest names in haircare like Wella,DS Laboratories and Matrix have specially formulated treatments to tackle hair loss, and there are also companies such as Toppik and Nioxin who are entirely dedicated to combating this issue. Our hair loss solutions vary, both in the form they take and in the strength of the product, be sure to have a good browse so you can find what will work best for you.

First we have a range of hair loss shampoosand conditioners which seek to nourish and treat your scalp, with the aim of stimulating growth. Our range of cleaners aim to unclog your hair follicles, to help hair look thicker, whilst our treatments strengthen hair, in order to prevent breakage and ultimately reduce sheddage, hair thinning, receding hair lines and loss. We also have a futuristic range of powders, which cover up patches and make look thicker and fuller.

The first step in tackling balding is decided where the problem lies and the type of hair loss you are suffering with and the cause of hair loss. For example if you are only suffering with a bald patch, bald spots or thinning hair line then a powder might be best rather than an intense all over treatment. Growing new hair can be challenging but there are so many tricks to help you feel more confident in your skin and that is what we can help with! You may of considered a hair transplant but that can be costly and not suited to everyone.

Giving your hair a helping hand will go a long way to revitalising your look and boosting your confidence. Also in out hair catagory we have a range of hair treatments for maintain a high quality head of healthy hair, this includes tackling itchy scalp issues like dandruff.