Shaving Oils


Shaving Oils

Shaving oils come under two distinct categories: pre-shave oils and shave oils. Pre-shave oils, as the name suggests are used prior to shaving, in tandem with a product like Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap, whilst Shave Oils are used as an alternative to these products. Both offer protection against discomfort and soften the hairs to aid shaving, and many Shave Oils are useable as a pre-shave oil as well.

The advantage of using a pre-shave oil is it provides an extra layer of protection to your skin whilst giving your hairs an extra softening boost, so they can deliver impressive results. This helps to prevent razor burn and give you the close shave you want. They prove particularly popular amongst men with sensitive skin, or those who find themselves prone to discomfort, ingrown hairs or irritation after shaving. The Modern Man stocks pre-shave oils from big name brands in skincare and shaving like Anthony Logistics, The Bluebeards Revenge and The Shave Doctor, companies who know how to look after you and your skin. After thoroughly washing your face with hot water, apply a few drops to your skin, allow it to soak in for a minute, then apply your choice of Shaving Cream, shaving gel or Shaving Soap on top, and you’re ready to go.

The main benefit to using Shaving Oil as opposed to cream or soap is that shave oil allows you to see where you’re shaving. This proves particularly popular amongst men with facial hair styles that they want to retain - for instance a goatee, or for touching up the jawline around a thick beard. Using a shaving oil is a similar process to other products - you want to start by give your face a good wash with hot water, but then rather than applying a thick lather, you want to work on a thin layer of oil. Don’t make the mistake of using too much - only a drop or two are required to provide good coverage. Once applied, allow it a minute to start softening your skin and hairs, and wash the residue from your hands, then proceed to shave. The Modern Man stocks some of the best pre shave oils! a range of Shave Oils with essential oils natural oils and scents like sandalwood for that sophisticated experience, natural ingredients work great on sensitive skin. from brands who understand men’s shaving and skincare needs, from giants of male grooming like American Crew , to shave experts like King of Shaves , as well as stylish boutique brands like Apothecary 87 and Dear Barber. With such a range, you’re sure to find pre-shave oils and shave oils to suit your every shaving need.

The art of shaving takes time to perfect, and it's personal preference whether you want a smooth shave or stubble whatever shaver you use. Whether you use shave cream, seed oils, moisturisers, aftershave or shave balm. The point is The Modern Man has a massive selection of shave and skincare products that will make your shaving routine simple yet luxurious.