We understand that the modern man likes to take care of every last detail of his appearance. By doing this, he can ensure that he is in total control of every aspect of his individual look and style. Our mens grooming tools and accessories section is purposefully catered to provide modern men with those final finishing touches, ideal for perfecting your look.

Nail care is often overlooked, but having healthy and well-kept nails are a vital part of maintaining an elegant and sophisticated look. Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve as much attention as you give aspects like your hair. Having chewed or dirty nails is a sure fire way to damaging or even ruining a man’s look. To avoid this, keep your nails looking good by investing in some quality nail scissors or clippers and a nail brush. The scissors or clippers will allow you to keep them closely trimmed, whilst the brush will mean they’re always ultra-clean. We also sell protective solutions for those of you suffering from damaged or weak nails, to help you get them back up to scratch.

If you’ve treated yourself to one of our electric beard trimmers or hair clippers then you’ll no doubt want to keep it in tip top condition. To help you get the best performance out of it, we stock several variations of clipper oil which will help your blades glide across whilst cutting your hair. We also stock blades for some clipper models, which work as replacements for old, blunted, blades, or additional blades for interchangeable models.

Don’t just keep unwanted hairs in check, get rid of them altogether by plucking them out. Whether it’s your eyebrows you’re wanting to master, or hairs anywhere else on your body, our high quality, stainless steel tweezers will ensure you get the slickest results.

For all-round maintenance, you’ll want to check out of gift bags, which contain a selection of essential grooming tools and accessories, meaning you’ve got everything you need to start looking your very best, and all in one handy bag - perfect for keeping up appearances when you are on the go.