Hair Clippers

Hair Clippers

Modern men understand that to keep looking their best their hair needs regular upkeep. For those who don’t wish to be making endless trips to the barbers, hair clippers and trimmers are the perfect solution. They allow you to keep your hair in tip top shape at home, in your own time. Whether it’s tiny touch ups of the neckline, maintaining a tight buzzcut, or maintaining your perfectly faded sides, hair clippers and trimmers give modern men the control they need and desire over their hairstyle.

If it’s the smaller touch ups and finishing flourishes you’re after, then a trimmer is ideal, whilst for bulkier cutting you’ll want a clipper and it’s extra burst of power.

At The Modern Man we stock a wide range of hair clippers and trimmers, all with different combs, power settings and other advantages. Our two main brands are Wahl and Andis, the biggest names in electrical hair cutting in the world, relied upon by barbers, salons and men around the globe, for close cuts and precise finishes.

The classic clipper is corded for constant, reliable power and often come with attachable combs to give you a choice of cutting lengths, providing performance and versatility. But the technology in hair clippers and trimmers has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning that cordless trimmers and clippers are now capable of more than rivalling their cabled counterparts. The great advantage to a cordless trimmer or clipper is that you can use it anywhere - on the go, on holiday - you name it, as long as it’s charged you can use it. Whereas once, cordless trimmers had short battery lives, low power and long charge times, the technology has advanced to the point where they can now last hours from similar length charges, whilst providing just as much power as a corded trimmer or clipper. The other advantage to a cordless trimmer is that you have greater agility and manoeuvrability, allowing for ultimate styling.

There’s no definitive answer as to whether corded or cordless is better, it depends on your own personal situation. What suits one modern man won’t meet the needs of another and vice versa.