Brushes & Combs


Brushes & Combs

Thanks to changing cultural attitudes and the subsequent proliferation of mens grooming products, there has never been a better time to find suitable hair care tools. We stock a wide range of hair brushes and combs designed for men, with plenty of options to suit all hair lengths and types so you can keep your hair looking neat, healthy and under control.

Up until quite recently, the range of hair tools on the market that were available to men was quite limited, with the exception of standard combs. Many men were forced to make use of hair brushes designed for women, which are not ideal for their needs. Although these types of brushes may be perfectly serviceable in the short term, long-term use could end up causing damage because of the differing needs of men's hair.

Factors such as pattern baldness or similarly related age-associated hair thinning mean that unsuitable brushes can damage hair or exacerbate the appearance of hair loss. In these instances, a specially designed mens hair brush may be more beneficial. For example, a natural bristle brush has softer bristles than some of its nylon equivalents, which means it is less damaging. Similarly, although there have always been different types of combs for men available on the market, combs with finer teeth may well cause damage to thicker, coarser hair in addition to hair that is thinning.

These are just a few of the reasons that we stock such a broad range of hair combs and brushes for men, with offerings from a number of well-established brands such as Denham, Mason Pearson, Jack Dean and Cricket available to buy, among others. These are comprised of numerous different materials, including softer natural bristles for fine or thinning hair and man-made bristles with either pointed or rounded tips for thicker, tangle- prone hair. There are oval brushes and fine-toothed combs for shorter hair styles, combs with split tooth patterns for the best of both worlds, and a number of compact or foldaway travel options for the man on the go.