Alum Blocks and Styptic Pencils

Alum Blocks

An alum block other wise known as an Alum Stone or styptic pencil, the perfect post shave accessory - is a crystal like stone made from potassium alum that has been used in shaving for a very long time since the Egyptians to be exact. An alum block or styptic pencil are astringents that are used to stop bleeding. Now when we say stop bleeding, we don't mean a wound we mean a small cut or small nick that you get from shaving. Shaving cuts are only tiny but they sting and often doesn't stop bleeding so this shaving essential works wonders.

Not only does natural alum contain astringent properties and stops bleeding but it also reduces razor burn, razor bumps, redness and any other companion of shaving. A styptic pencil is made of potassium alum the same as an alum block. Only it comes in a more concentrated shape, almost like a lipstick. It is designed to treat a more focused area as aposed to a block you roll on or across your skin with a wide surface area.

Alum block and Styptic pencils are suitable for all skin types but it can make sensitive skin feel dry. So we would recommend checking out our other shaving products and skincare must haves to ensure you give back all the nutrients to your skin that shaving takes away. For those with sensitive skin, splash cold water on your face after using this will help to close your pores and minimize the tight feeling on your face.

Your shaving kit needs a new item and thanks to The Modern Man we have made this easy. Alum Blocks, pencils, and matches are available from premium shaving brands such as Osma Alum Block, Edwin Jagger, Antiga Barbearia De Bairro, and Pacific Shaving Company. With one of these in your collection, you’ll take your shaving game to the next level.

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