Alum Blocks and Styptic Pencils

Alum Blocks

To err is to human. To knick and cut yourself whilst shaving doubly so.

It’s something we all do, and it can really put you off shaving at times. It stings like all hell and I doubt being covered in cuts was exactly the look you were going for when you decided to give yourself a shave.

But we shouldn’t kick ourselves and give up when we are down. We need to rise and try again. All with the help of an Alum Block.

Alum Blocks are the perfect shaving accessory to help you get over any little niggles you experience when getting the look you want. They are a crystal-like stone that can be applied to your skin to act as a pain relieving antiseptic agent.

All you need to do is wet the block then gently rub it onto any cut or irritated areas to receive instant refreshing relief. They stop any bleeding by tightening the pores and constricting blood vessels thanks to the mineral salts that makes up its body.

Thanks to modern innovation, Alum Blocks can now be purchased in the form of easier to handle and transport pencils and shaving matches.

Alum Blocks, pencils, and matches are available from premium shaving brands such as Edwin Jagger, Antiga Barbearia De Bairro, and Pacific Shaving Company. With one of these in your collection, you’ll take your shaving game to the next level.