Once upon a time, all men shaved the same way - with a straight edge or ‘cut throat’ mens razor. There are many more options on the market now and modern men are being given a choice of styles, meaning you can find a style of shaving razor that suits your individual needs.

Arguably the easiest option is that of multi-blade or cartridge razors. Whilst this is the shaving style you’re most likely to see advertised on TV, here at The Modern Man we favour brands that are that little bit different, as we believe their innovations help deliver optimum performance. We also have a popular range of exquisite handles, which have been designed to fit some of the most widely used cartridges. They provide a touch of class to this swift style of shaving.

We have found that more and more men are now going back to double edge or ‘DE’ shaving. It’s little wonder, because in the right hands these heavy-duty mens razors offer stunningly close results, by giving the shaver total control over the blade. DE razors use classic, disposable razor blades which work out as far cheaper than cartridge blades. Not only that, but with a wide choice of blade, this gives the modern man more choice over what he uses, which allows him to find a blade that is suited to his skin. Double edge shaving offers men a versatile shave, so it’s perfect for the man who wants control over every aspect of his experience.

A growing trend is for replaceable blade cut throat razors, like the Dovo Shavette, which combine with easy maintenance of DE shaving with the truly authentic experience of straight shaving. Styled after straight razors, cut throats use disposable razor blades, giving the same close control whilst eliminating the potential hassle of sharpening a straight-edge. This style of shaving marries the best of both worlds, for the man who knows quality when he sees it.

Our straight-edge razors have an everlasting popularity amongst the most committed shavers. They’re for those who understand shaving to be an experience rather than a chore. It has a strict reliance upon the shaver’s skill, control and precision. It is an elegant style of shaving, for the sophisticated gent.