Shaving Accessories

Shaving Accessories

For many of us, shaving is a big part of our grooming regime. Whether you're just sculpting your facial hair to fit a particular style, or getting an ultra close wet shave for the ultimate smooth shave look.

If this describes you, then you’ve probably spent a fair bit on your shaving kit. High quality, double edge razor or a safety razor or maybe a straight razor, sharp, steel-bladed with comfortable ergonomic handle, and a rich premium shave foam, shave cream or pre shave oil, or all of the above. All of which we stock right here on The Modern Man.

As well as these products, we also like to stock shave accessories - some of which you may have overlooked. These accessories are the kind of essentials that can really complete your set and make your shaving routine perfect. For example, aftershave, skin guards, blade refills, face scrubs and moisturisers, shaving brush and other skin care products that your post shave skin will crave.

We also stock stylish razor and razor brush stands made of sleek steel, beautiful varnished wood, or regal ivory. These will help you to keep your bathroom better organised and maintain the quality of your tools by allowing them to drip dry naturally.

Why not check out our shaving bowls in as many different materials and styles as the stands, easy to wash out, making tidying up after a trim or full-on shave a much easier process.

Shaving Scuttles that make whipping up the perfect lather with your shaving soap and/or cream infinitely easier, vastly improving the quality of your shave.

As well as adding practical elements to your routine, these accessories also add an element of vintage charm, taken from the age-old practices of shaving. We’re here to turn your shaving routine into an indulgent ritual.

At The Modern Man, we stock brands such as Merkur, Edwin Jagger, The Bluebeards Revenge, Antiga Barbearia, Mühle, and Dr Dittmar. All of these brands make high quality shaving products to prevent razor burn and razor bumps, rehydrate your skin, and more.

Some of our bestselling shaving accessories include...

Feather Razor Blade Disposal Case - Dispose of your used razor blades safely and securely with this Disposal Case from Feather. A shaver’s essential.

MUHLE Chrome Razor and Brush Stand (RHM SR SET) - Show of your shaving tools with this razor stand from Muhle. Keeping the brush upside down is the best way to maintain its quality. The smooth chrome finish means this razor & shaving brush stand looks great in any bathroom.

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Black And Gold Soap Dish - Made from authentic Portuguese porcelain, the classy pitch black core and stylish gold finish is going to bring the best out of any bathroom. Can be used to store soap, alum blocks + more.

Parker Cartridge Razor Leather Case - Whether you have family or are just someone who wants to bring their best razor with them on their travels, this Parker Cartridge Razor Leather Case will ensure total protection. Made with grained leather, this razor pouch will remain at its best even after water exposure.

Proraso Neck Brush - A large brush that is used after haircuts or head shaves to remove irritating hairs that have a tendency to stick to skin and clothing.

D R Harris Windsor Shaving Soap & Bowl Mahogany 100g - Containing a soap that’s as impressive in action as the bowl is in design, this Shaving Soap Bowl from D R Harris is a way to infuse each morning with shaving elegance. Features a scent of invigorating grapefruit and enticing vetiver that will last throughout the day.

Dovo Leather Strop XL 180 80002 - Hone your straight or cut throat razor blade to premium sharpness with this strop from Dovo. Dual sided, this strop features a thick leather side for initial honing, and a smoother leather side for getting it really precise and smooth. The XL size makes it excellent for beginners, as you can hone the entire blade at once.

The Shave Factory White Shaving Mug - Made from high quality stoneware with an easy-grip handle.

Come and explore the huge range of shaving accessories we have here on The Modern Man, as well as many other shaving-related products - including double edge razor blades, beard combs, beard oils, clippers, aftershave lotions & much, much more!