Concern Of The Month

Shaving Rash

If you're a regular shaver, odds are you struggle with shaving rash - at least some of the time. Check out our 3 step guide to banishing it for good and take the pain out of your morning routine.

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Step One: Prepare

H & B Pre-Shave Scrub

The first step to tackling shaving rash is proper prep. Smooth your skin with an exfoliating scrub so your razor can glide across your jaw.

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Step Two: Protect

Osma Pre-Shave Oil

This is our secret for a smoother shave. Apply pre-shave oil before your shave cream to add an extra layer of protection and create a slicker surface for your razor.

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Step Three: Recover

Woody's Shave Relief Balm

Shaving doesn't stop when your stubble's gone! If you just rinse off and go you're asking for sore skin and shaving rash. Instead, make sure you apply a hydrating post-shave balm to help your skin recover.

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