Post Shave


Post Shave

Your post shave routine is just as important as achieving the perfect shave, without your skin is exposed to razor bumps, razor burn, skin irritation and dry skin, in other words extremely dehydrated. There is a way to prevent this from happening, master the art of a post shave routine. There are so many shave products out there to assist you skin, moisturiser, post shave balm, aftershave balm, aftershave, shave cream, aftershave lotion and the list goes on!

Here at The Modern Man we understand that lives can be busy and stressful and we don't always have time to stand in the bathroom and indulge new shaving products or go carefully enough not to scag your skin never mind try a million products before you find the perfect match, so we have taken the guess work - well half of it anyway. We feel that our carefully selected products will help you enjoy your shave more than ever before, stop viewing it as a chore.

We stock brands such as Muhle, Baxter Of California, Compagnie De Provence, Antiga Barbearia, D R Harris and Australian BodycareAll of these brands and many more produce high quality products that will benefit in so many ways. Whether you're a shaving lotion guy, a shaving balm guy or you prefer shave gel there is something for everyone, whatever your skin type, whether you need sensitive skin products or anti-ageing or you're just not that fussy.

A post shave routine is most important for those who suffer with sensitive skin because shaving takes the nourishment out of your skin and dries it out. Once you have finished your shave it's important to replace the nourishment, alcohol free moisturising cream, shaving cream, or even a face wash to help clean your skin. Bare in mind that a pre-shave routine is equally as important, check out our pre-shave collection now.