Fudge are firm believers that getting ready doesn’t have to be a chore. When it comes to male grooming and hair styling, Fudge are determined to put the fun back in it. Fudge don’t take themselves too seriously, with an emphasis on exciting, stylish products, designed to deliver you with maximum effect from minimal effort.

Fudge are probably best known for their hair wax, hair creme, hair paste and hair clay. Delivering strong hold, great pliability and next level texture, Fudge’s men’s hair styling range provides excellent results for the style conscious gent who wants to look his best. Fudge Fat Hed and Fudge Hair Shaper are industry standards, and the go-to styling options for men all over the world. Ideal for adding that extra finishing touch to shorter men’s hairstyles.

For something a little different, be sure to check out the range of hair sprays on offer from Fudge. The hairspray range delivers everything from high hold to matte finish, or for a truly striking effect try the Fudge Head Shine and really stand out from the crowd. For ultra hold you’ll want to check out their Fudge Cement, whilst Fudge Salt Spray is great for giving longer styles that just-off-the-beach look.

With the distinctive orange styling and anarchic fonts, Fudge products look as eye-catching as the styles they provide you. They’re gimmick free, preferring to leave the long words at home and focus on letting their products do the talking for them. Many of their sprays are aerosol free, to give mother nature that extra helping hand, leaving the planet in as good a shape as your hair.